The Order

The Order is a professional organization whose main function is to ensure the protection of the public . To this end, it must among other things control the exclusive practice of professional chemistry by its members. The Ordre des chimistes du Québec (OCQ) was established in accordance with the Professional Chemists Act.

The Order is managed by a Board of directors comprising members elected by OCQ members. They represent the different regions of the province. The other directors represent the public and are named by the Office des professions du Québec. The Board of directors is responsible for the general management of the Order's affairs.

The president of the Board is elected every April among the chemists belonging to the Board of directors. The president exercises general control over the affairs of the Order; he chairs the Board of directors as well as the Order's annual general meeting. At the general meeting, he produces a report on the Board of directors activities and the Order's financial situation. The head office staff is responsible for the fulfilment of the Order's objects.


To ensure the protection of the public by monitoring the competence of its members and the quality of professional practice.


Protect life, health, environment and contribute to sustainable development.

Objects of the OCQ

The OCQ must exercise general supervision over the practice of professional chemistry; define the qualifications required to become a professional chemist and his obligations and responsibilities toward the public; maintain and improve the professional knowledge, ability, competency and welfare of its members; provide them with such information and services as may be deemed desirable; and develop the study and teaching of chemistry in Québec.

Exclusive Right to Practise (PC sections 26, 31-34)

The exclusive right to practise professional chemistry was granted to OCQ members by the Professional Chemists Act; that right is only granted in cases where the acts done by these persons are of such a nature and the freedom to act they have by reason of the nature of their ordinary working conditions are such that for the protection of the public, they cannot be done by persons not having the training and qualifications required to be members of the Order.

No person shall claim in any manner to be [...] a chemist, or use the title of chemist or any other title or abbreviation which may lead to the belief that he is one, or initials which may lead to the belief that he is one, or engage in a professional activity reserved to OCQ members, claim to have the right to do so or act in such a way as to lead to the belief that he is authorized to do so, unless he holds a valid, appropriate permit and is entered on the roll of the OCQ, unless it is allowed by the Professional Chemists Act.